deep drawn metal stamping

Deep drawn metal stamping is the process of forming sheet metal through an advanced compressive method that produces a hollowed vessel. These versatile parts are used across a wide range of industries. This manufacturing method is responsible for creating many complex and high-quality parts — from battery enclosures for defense and electronic needs to medical device parts to metal diaphragms for the automotive and manufacturing sectors, and much more. 

These stampings offer significant strength with minimal weight, and this manufacturing process excels in creating intricate parts with unique geometries. It allows varied material thickness and also reduces the amount of wasted materials that can accumulate with other methods. When you need quality custom metal stampings, choose a seasoned deep drawn metal stamping partner to serve your needs.

Learn more about the benefits of deep drawn metal stamping and how you can choose the right stamper to take your project to the next level. 

Advantages of Deep Drawn Stamping 

Deep drawn stamping is a versatile and powerful stamping method to produce complex parts, and it offers five key benefits for your products and your bottom line.

  1. Speed

This stamping process offers rapid results and eliminates wasted time in your production process. By shaving off production time, you can receive your stampings faster and move on to the next step of your project without delays. In this case, cutting costs doesn’t result in compromising quality — deep drawn metal stamping is designed with maximum efficiency and precision in mind, resulting in high-quality products with lower lead times.

  1. Precision

Deep drawn metal stamping allows you to achieve superior precision for the most complex of parts. Because deep draw metal stampers can achieve tight tolerances, you can count on more accurate production of the most complex parts, even in high volumes. For large production volumes, deep drawn stamping can ensure enhanced accuracy in tighter timelines. 

  1. Repeatability

Deep drawn stamping is highly reliable, allowing you to produce larger volumes of your part and ensure tolerances are maintained throughout each creation, no matter how complex. The ability to make many complex stampings in one production run without faltering in accuracy is highly valuable for your bottom line, and deep drawn stamping is the perfect choice to guarantee your project is produced on time and to the highest standards of quality.

  1. Customization Opportunities 

If you need a highly complex metal part or one with exceptional strength, this process is an ideal match. Due to the unique nature of the deep drawn metal stamping process, stronger parts are created, and you’re given more flexibility with the designs you can achieve. This allows you more freedom and sparks innovation in the types of products you can produce.

Many types of metal can also be used for this process, allowing you to choose between steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and others to match your materials to your precise demand. Tailor your product to your precise needs and rely on a skilled stamper like HTT to transform your chosen materials and vision into a high-quality, fully finished part. 

  1. Lower Costs

Keeping costs low is key for many product manufacturers, but finding ways to save without sacrificing quality can be difficult. Deep drawn stamping is naturally cost-effective and its critical speed to impact helps shave off valuable production hours, supporting your bottom line in turn. When you complete your products more quickly and they maintain a high level of quality, you save money and satisfy your customers.

How to Find the Right Partner 

Ready to level up your metal project with deep drawn metal stamping? Consider the following to find the right partner for your needs:

  • Capabilities — Start-to-finish support is key. Partner with a metal stamper that can handle your every need in-house, from stamping to fabrication, powder coating, and beyond. At HTT, our turnkey support sets our customers up for success and saves them time and money in completing their projects under one roof.
  • Experience — If you partner with an experienced metal stamping company, you can count on their expertise to transfer over to the quality finish of your products. At HTT, we’ve been serving customers with advanced manufacturing support since 1985, and we’ve developed a deep understanding of metal stamping and fabrication — and how to bring the highest quality products to life through these methods.
  • Facility and Equipment — Without the right equipment or enough facility space, your partner will be slowed down and unable to complete your products in-house, especially to the standards of quality you demand. Instead, choose a partner with the necessary machines and space to produce high volumes of custom metal parts without delay.
  • Certifications — Evaluate the certifications that back your stamping partner and their work. At HTT, our commitment to top-quality results is showcased in our certifications: ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949. Count on our team to go above and beyond as your partner to achieve the best results.

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