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Metal manufacturing is a vital asset for a wide range of industries, responsible for transforming complex designs into quality custom parts. For many projects, metal manufacturing and stamping aren’t the final steps — these parts require metal finishing services and other secondary operations to reach their final form and be ready for their designated application. Turnkey manufacturing allows you to complete each critical step of your project under one roof, saving time and money.

Partnering with an expert stamper that has the tools and team to deliver total project support and serve your needs every step of the way delivers a wide range of benefits. It can keep your project within your necessary budget and production timeline, boosting your bottom line. It also ensures you can count on the quality you trust at every stage and helps you forge powerful connections with metal manufacturers who will continue serving your needs for years to come

Learn more about the advantages of turnkey metal manufacturing and stamping services — and what makes HTT Inc. the ideal partner.

4 Advantages of Turnkey Manufacturing for Custom Metal Products

Save Time

Turnkey manufacturing cuts critical time in your metal fabrication and stamping needs because you can complete every step of your project under one roof. This prevents you from needing to delay your project with lengthy shipping times as you transport your stamped parts to a different location for secondary services.

With the right partner on your side, you can ensure that you get prototyping, metal, stamping, and fabrication completed in-house — plus powder coating to finalize your project with your preferred finish. This means your project can be completed even quicker and it allows you to get your finished products in your hands and to your customers faster.

Save Money

When you partner with a precision metal stamper that can handle every step from design to powder coating in-house, you achieve valuable cost savings. Finding another manufacturing partner to complete your secondary services, such as powder coating, can be pricey. Not only do you have to pay the new manufacturer, but you also have to pay the price of shipping your products from one location to the next. Alternatively, if you attempt to handle powder coating in-house, you must pay for the equipment and team necessary to achieve it.

With a turnkey manufacturer like HTT, you save this money and enjoy a lower cost per part as a result. The cost-saving benefits you get from saving time ensure your project supports your bottom line and is ready to get into the hands of final users even faster.

Boost the Quality

Partnering with a turnkey manufacturer for every stage of your metal stamping process ensures that your stamped parts are designed with more than just stamping in mind. If you work with an alternative manufacturer who is only focused on the stamping of your project, then it may not be optimized for processes down the line, like powder coating. This may lead to lower quality and challenges that cost you time and money.

Kick off your project with the knowledge of what will work best for secondary services like powder coating can ensure you limit flaws and optimize the entire production process for success. At HTT, we work hard to achieve the greatest level of quality at every stage, and you can count on that excellence from the prototyping and stamping phases to powder coating and more.

Form Long-Lasting Partnerships

When you choose a turnkey manufacturing partner, you can count on them to serve your needs for project after project. If your needs change down the line and you require certain stages that you didn’t previously, like deep draw stamping or powder coating, your trusted partner will still be equipped to help.

You can also ensure that your metal stampings meet the quality standards you trust in every project. As you develop a strong relationship with the right manufacturing partner, you can complete project after project knowing they’re equipped to continue serving your needs and deliver the best quality possible.

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At HTT, our engineering-driven teams are dedicated to serving your needs at every stage. We’re a turnkey manufacturer and precision metal stamper equipped to serve your project from start to finish. The unique holistic approach we take levels up the quality of our customers’ projects at every stage and ensures that their products remain within their budget and timeline requirements. With our team, you can enjoy cost and time savings while trusting us to take care of every project need under one roof.

We serve a variety of industries with turnkey metal manufacturing and stamping services, including the agricultural sector, defense, the medical industry, and many more. For decades, we have honed our expertise by delivering reliable and exceptional metal stamping support for a wide array of projects, both simple and highly complex. Since 1985, we have carried the same core commitment: deliver our customers excellent metal stampings tailored to their precise requirements. We’re proud to showcase that commitment to quality through our ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 certifications.

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