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Count on Our Metal Stamping Services

HTT, Inc. is a full-service metal progressive stamping company dedicated to serving your needs from start to finish. We specialize in medium to high-volume metal stampings with a specialty in deep draw type stampings. Our press sizes range from 25 to 400 tons, and most of our 44+ presses are equipped with feeders, straighteners and stock reels, equipping us to better support your project needs. Our experienced engineering team can help you with any application stamping requirement, and we’ll work hard to ensure your needs are met at every stage and the highest quality standards are upheld.

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Metal Stamping Services and Much More

At HTT, we offer comprehensive capabilities to satisfy your needs at every stage. In addition to our advanced metal stamping services, we can provide parts that include plating, heat treating, powder coating, grinding, vibratory and tapping to meet any of your finishing and secondary needs. We have experience working with materials like aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, coated materials, spring steel and other exotic materials. Our partnership and extensive in-house capabilities allow you to save time and money while enjoying better quality experience and results.

Metal Stamping Equipment

Our thickness range is from .002” to .375” thick materials, and we work with you to tailor our products to match your precise requirements.

12 Presses — 25 to 60 Ton, OBI and Straight Side

Stroke Range: 2” to 6”
Strokes/ Minute: 20 to 180
Bed Sizes: 22” X 13” to 48” X 35”
Shut Height: 7” to 13.25”

10 Presses — 75 to 135 Ton, OBI and Straight Side

Stroke Range: 4” to 8”
Strokes/ Minute: 25 to 200
Bed Sizes: 36” X 24” to 48” X 35”
Shut Height: 9.75” to 20”

15 Presses — 150 to 250 Ton, Straight Side, Toggle and Hydraulic

Stroke Range: 3.9” to 16” (22” Hydraulic)
Strokes/ Minute: 20-150
Bed Sizes: 42” X 36” to 96” X 48”
Shut Height: 6” to 28” (35” Hydraulic)

7 Presses — 300 to 400 Ton, Straight Side

Stroke Range: 8” to 24”
Strokes/ Minute: 12 to 60
Bed Sizes: 84” X 48” to 96” X 54”
Shut Height: 20” to 49.5”

Key Presses

1 Presses Configured as Multi-Strip Presses
Up to 86 stations from 4 coil feeds producing 4 parts simultaneously in a single progressive press. Assembly completed in 8 seconds

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