Deep Drawn Stamping

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At HTT Inc., we deliver high-quality deep drawn stamping services to customers across a wide range of industries. Our skilled team combines a commitment to excellence with a promise of efficiency to transform your custom metal part needs into premium deep drawn dies with a draw depth of up to 6”. With each stroke of the stamping press, flat coil stock is advanced incrementally. The material is manipulated using progressive tooling to precisely minimize material thinning or fracturing until the resulting shape meets your specifications. We work hard to ensure our custom parts adhere to the most precise requirements so you can put them into action for your project even faster.

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Better Deep Drawn Stamping Support and Beyond

Our team prioritizes your needs at every step, offering start-to-finish support. With our deep drawn stamping services, you can create custom parts with complex geometries. Our efficient production and high-volume capabilities ensure you get the parts you need faster and are equipped with enough inventory to satisfy your demand. In addition to deep drawn stamping, we deliver welding, tooling & die, and wire EDM services, as well as metal fabrication and powder coating. Each service works together to ensure your custom parts are completed to your exact specifications under one roof, saving you time and money.

Advanced Deep Drawn Stamping Equipment

Our advanced deep drawn stamping equipment empowers us to create parts with a coil thickness of .002” to .250”, bar stock thickness of .125” to 3.75”, and widths of .25” to 30.00”.

12 Presses — 25 to 60 Ton, OBI and Straight Side

Stroke Range: 2” to 6”
Strokes/ Minute: 20 to 180
Bed Sizes: 22” X 13” to 48” X 35”
Shut Height: 7” to 13.25”

10 Presses — 75 to 135 Ton, OBI and Straight Side

Stroke Range: 4” to 8”
Strokes/ Minute: 25 to 200
Bed Sizes: 36” X 24” to 48” X 35”
Shut Height: 9.75” to 20”

15 Presses — 150 to 250 Ton, Straight Side, Toggle and Hydraulic

Stroke Range: 3.9” to 16” (22” Hydraulic)
Strokes/ Minute: 20-150
Bed Sizes: 42” X 36” to 96” X 48”
Shut Height: 6” to 28” (35” Hydraulic)

7 Presses — 300 to 400 Ton, Straight Side

Stroke Range: 8” to 24”
Strokes/ Minute: 12 to 60
Bed Sizes: 84” X 48” to 96” X 54”
Shut Height: 20” to 49.5”

Key Presses

1 Presses Configured as Multi-Strip Presses
Up to 86 stations from 4 coil feeds producing 4 parts simultaneously in a single progressive press. Assembly completed in 8 seconds

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