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At HTT, we deliver exceptional turnkey metal stamping manufacturing to customers in need across a diverse range of industries. Since 1985, we’ve offered support from design to production using cutting-edge technology and an engineering-driven team dedicated to achieving the best results for your project.

Through our turnkey metal stamping manufacturing services, we provide a range of value-adding capabilities in-house, allowing you to save time and money. Whether your project demands welding, tooling and die support, powder coating, or another essential service, we’re equipped to help. We even offer thorough part cleaning services and eco-friendly packaging solutions for our customers.

Learn more about some of the industries we serve and get in touch to discuss how we can level up your custom metal parts with our comprehensive metal stamping services today.

Industries We Serve


The agricultural sector relies on precision metal stampings for essential equipment, and we’re here to deliver.


Leverage our innovations and efficiency for better automotive parts.


When your construction project requires turnkey metal stamping manufacturing, turn to HTT.


Our precision metal stamping supports dental companies with reliable and efficient production.


Choose HTT for custom metal parts for lighting applications.


Our manufacturing empowers the medical space with the volume of high-quality and complex products that you need.


Trust HTT for skilled metal stamping services for defense needs.


The telecommunications sector requires advanced metal stamping, and we’re here to help.

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At HTT, we’re committed to achieving the best results for our customers through reliable and efficient metal stamping manufacturing. Our precision deep draw stamping services pair with a wide range of essential secondary services, from fabrication to powder coating and more, to ensure we can meet your needs from start to finish. With our team, you can count on better service and results.

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