Robotic Welding Services

Choose HTT for Advanced Robotic Welding Services

At HTT Inc., we’re proud to serve as a total project partner to customers in need. In addition to advanced deep and multi-strip progressive stamping services, we provide advanced robotic welding services. Our resistance, MIG, and robotic welders empower us to deliver better results in more efficient timelines. We can accommodate the most complex welded assemblies to ensure you achieve the tight tolerances your project requires.

Learn more about our robotic welding service and what makes HTT the ideal match for your project needs. Ready to discuss your next project? Contact us today.

Expert Robotic Welding for Your Custom Metal Assemblies

When you require high-quality welded metal parts, turn to our team. We’re equipped to serve your needs at every stage. From metal stamping with deep draw and multi-strip capabilities to welding, tooling & die, powder coating, and more, we’re your total project partner upholding the highest standards from start to finish. Each service supports one another to create the best quality parts under one roof and support your bottom line with advanced metal engineering.

Advanced Robotic Welding Services Equipment

Our welding services leverage the latest technology to achieve better, faster results.

2 Mig Robotic Weld Cells
1 Resistance Robotic Weld Cell
7 Manual Resistance Weld Cells
State of the Art Resistance Weld Cell
Fully Sensored Robotic Weld Cell
2 Motoman Material Handling Robots

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HTT has been dedicated to serving the needs of our customers with advanced metal engineering and total project support since 1985. Contact us today to leverage our robotic welding services and enjoy more efficient production of custom metal parts.

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